The People's Party progress leaders are addressing the economic crisis that has plagued Dominica for decades. P-POD's economic program will advance a growing economy where there are jobs, opportunity, and shared prosperity for ALL Dominicans. 

We are focused on ensuring Dominicans achieve significantly higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labour-intensive sectors!

We, the progress leaders at the People's Party of Dominica #PPOD believe it is our duty as good, responsible citizens to work together and do our part, to build a better, stronger, safer, fairer and thriving future for #Dominica and play a more active role in the welfare of the whole human race! Can we count on you to do work that matters in the country we all love?

P-POD progress leaders are making positive strides changing Dominica for the better. We urge each one of you to be brave and boldly stand up for our beliefs, our values, our way of life and what is best for our country, best for our fellow Dominicans, and our future generations

It is my responsibility to drive change that matters- A change that is of vital interest to Dominicans and the global community. The key aspect you need to take note of, is that PPOD’s Progress Leaders have a specific roadmap for advancing those interests. Let’s work together to transform Dominica for the better!

Better plans, policies, programs, people, progress leaders, parliament, parliament representatives, Simply better everything!

P-POD Progress Leaders are committed to implementing transformational strategies, economically, efficiently and effectively in Dominica. Time to change the equation. Support and vote P-POD.

P-POD's Progress Leaders work smart every day to help transform yOUR economy. The team is currently focused significantly improving infrastructure, creating new decent paying jobs, fostering resilience, building partnerships , combat the climate crisis, supporting our Kalinagos People and our most vulnerable populations including those with disabilities.

PPOD’s Progress Leaders are working towards Transforming Dominica for the better by: 
1. ELIMINATING poverty in our country
2. Tackling the climate crisis we are faced with by REDUCING vulnerabilities and MITIGATING risks. 
3. Building systems to help PROTECT the public against pandemics
4. Helping Dominicans live HEALTHIER more PRODUCTIVE lives 
5. Creating a safe, prosperous and SUSTAINABLE Dominica 
6. Promoting commUNITY building 
7. Creating JOBS and opportunities
8. Developing short and medium term to long term INDUSTRIES
9. Implementing Programs, Projects & POLICIES that BENEFITS Dominicans everywhere 
10. Bringing about GOOD GOVERNANCE

The People's Party progress leaders has some awesome, feasible plans that will help Dominica attract new business, retain established businesses, and improve the quality of life of residents, visitors, tourists, and citizens in the Diaspora.

To make meaningful progress, Dominica requires sound policies; and sound, compassionate, productive policy requires a team that is willing and able to pass those policies in parliament - the PPOD Progress Leaders is that team that will work to protect the people of Dominica and implement sound policies to better the lives of the people.

Our Message is Clear! Our Approach and Methods are Clear! 17 SDGs, 169 targets and 241 indicators to be achieved by 2030. The People's Party progress leaders are ready, willing and able to move Dominica forward to a sustainable future!

REALITY: P-POD has made a decision to achieve the 17global goals by 2030, making social and economic progress a priority for the team. Dominica, by default of this decision must become a thriving nation.

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