We have to find new and innovative ways to raise much needed funds. Our Diaspora can play a large part in this. No one wants to give money away. But, people are willing to give when they know the funds are managed properly and are used for the good of all Dominicans. We pledge to ensure full transparency in the way private donations are used. In fact, we will deliver transparency in all aspect of government and invite our citizens, local and international to let us know when we are not meeting our commitments. Please do what ever you can, where ever you live, to help make Dominica once again the most amazing nature island.
We can take back control of our country in the next election. Add your name and commit to positive change today. P-POD is gearing up for the next election and we're going to do whatever is legally necessary to win. We are ready for positive change and ready for meaningful action. This election is going to come down to the wire, so it's important that we contribute to help P-POD win. Chip in to help elect P-POD. 

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