Mission: To improve lives by mobilizing the people of Dominica and the diaspora to build a Safer, Better, Stronger, Thriving, Sustainable 21st century Dominica. 


Motto: “Building Momentum, Moving Forward”

Tagline: "Progress is Everyone's Business


Symbol: Garden Fork 


Colour:  Orange



P-POD’s Core Values: 

Our core values embody our deepest beliefs and our highest aspirations. They serve as the guiding principles that drive and inform our Progress leaders at every level. Additionally, our core values help us to consistently answer simple yet important questions like What does P-POD believe? What drives our behaviours and actions? Our core values are rock-solid, enduring and non-negotiable. We live and breathe our values with one another, with our constituents and in all that we do.


Progressive/Pragmatic/Partnership: Partner with our constituencies, NGOs, foreign governments working with them to build them up as entrepreneurs, to build their businesses, and to build a better future for us all. We share responsibility to the Commonwealth of Dominica, We pledge to make progress everyday in actions not just words.


Pioneering:  We identify and address emerging and long term challenges. P-POD is about progress, for ideas to manifest themselves through policies. P-POD will provide a platform by which Dominican citizens and local companies can build compelling futures for themselves, for society and build our economy.


Openness: We encourage debate and a shared understanding of critical global issues. Our credibility is built on trust, integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard, we respect the rule of law and behave in a manner that is honest and open.  


Daring/Dynamic: We dare to challenge conventional wisdom starting with our own. Our analyses and recommendations are independent and evidence-based. P-POD Progress leaders are committed to making excellence a habit. We are problem solvers who think creatively, act boldly and hold ourselves accountable for lasting measurable impact. 

We share one fundamental mission and that is to improve lives by mobilizing the people of dominica and the Diaspora to build a stronger, better, thriving, sustainable 21st Century Dominica.

P-POD’s Principles

The movement is driven by the conviction that the 17 sustainable development goals for all is achievable, and by the concern for the immense costs of failure.

PPOD  believes that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, exclusion from any group and any of the goals will translate into growing poverty, inequality and deprivation.

PPOD commits itself to achieve its mission with good governance, objectivity, integrity, transparency and accountability and to follow democratic norms and processes in all its plans and actions.

We believe achieving the 17 sustainability goals is:

1. A universal human right;
2. The key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development;
3. A core responsibility of our government;
4. Achievable if governments mobilize the political will and available resources.

P-POD’s Demands

With so much to gain, there can be no excuse for delay. The People's Party therefore demands that parliament take immediate action to implement the 17 Sustainable Development all Goals and strategies agreed in COP21 to achieve such goals by 2030. In particular, we call:


On all those involved with citizens' groups, teachers, village councils, students and members of communities to work with us in developing concrete plans of action for delivering and sustaining the 17 SDG leading to a better, improved life for all;

On governments, to abolish fees and charges for public education, and to increase the budget on spending on adult, our Youth, early childhood, primary and basic education, with priority investments in schools and teachers serving the most disadvantaged groups;

On the World Bank, IMF, UN and developed countries, to increase aid and debt relief for attaining the 17 sustainable development goals, and fund a Caribbean Initiative to back national plans with speedy, coordinated and predictable delivery of the additional resources needed;

On civil society organizations, to hold their own governments and international institutions accountable for upholding the agreement of achieving the 17 Sustainable development goals, and delivering on those goals.


Our commitments define who we are, how we work, our priorities and our values.

Our citizens have choices and how we perform determines whether they choose to vote for us. We aim high, set ambitious goals, and deliver meaningful results. We use surveys and citizens feedback to re-calibrate when and where necessary. We are efficient and make wise decisions because our country's future depends on them. We are committed to serving the needs of the people, through good governance, accelerating progress towards the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development, accountability, and bring together a new generation of action leaders to address Dominica's major challenges once and for all. The Progress leaders have an unwavering commitment to the growth and development of our Dominica one commUNITY at a time. We are committed to implementing transformational strategies, economically, efficiently and effectively.  We are committed to the preservation of our culture and the continuity of us as a people here in Dominica.





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